Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Quarantine life in a nutshell

These shirts are ordered, and will hopefully be
here by our reopen day, set for Monday, May 4!
I laugh at the t-shirts, and memes I have seen created since the "social distancing" has become our new normal.  I nod my head in agreement with the jokes that say that some of us have been preparing for social distancing our entire lives.  But the truth is, I miss my life.  I miss my routine.  I miss the smiling faces of my clients.  I miss greeting the mail man and paper guy each day at work.  I miss gently bullying my coworkers each day.  I miss having a reason to get out of bed, and to get myself dressed and dolled up for the day.  And I miss the certainty that each day seemed to hold prior to March 24, when the stay at home order was issued.

For a virus that a majority of us will never contract, COVID-19 has affected all of us more than we ever thought possible.  

Over night, I went from a full-time working, salon owning, boutique owning mom, to a stay at home, homeschooling mom.  Not a role I ever saw myself in.  And let me say, hats off to you ladies that do this every day.  Your job is a challenge, and I respect the hell out of you!  That being said, my kids have been awesome.  They have done their school work, then jumped in to helping me with whatever project I have going for the day.  And how awesome is it, that all three of them have randomly asked how I am doing, and if I am ok, because they know I miss my salon family and life?!?!  I seriously have the best kids!

Miss B turned 9 during quarantine.  We spent
the day tie dying, and opening gifts.  Her favorite
gift?... Her WWE toys she got.  This girl loves
wrestling and the Bella Twins.

I've done all the things that Quarantine '20 has required.  I have binge watched all of Tiger King , and fully believe that Carol Baskin killed her husband, got caught up on all of my true crime TV shows, done several DIY projects, and have done some baking.  We even had a 9th birthday party for my red headed princess.  She took it like a champ with only being able to have siblings and the neighbor friend over.  She made the best of it and I was so very proud of her for that.  Trying to find ways to keep myself occupied has never been an issue for me.  In the past, I spent my days wishing I could find a few more hours in each day so I could accomplish what I felt I needed to for that day.  After getting home from working all day, and doing supper and a few chores, there was almost always certainly some sort of project I was in the middle of o prepping for.  I was never good at "oh, it can wait till tomorrow".  I was a go getter, and felt the need to finish a project that I started, and would work myself ragged until it was done.  Now, the last few days, more often than not, I find myself just kind of walking around looking for something to do.  I've cleaned out the storage rooms.  I've rearranged the living room.  In fact, I have gutted the bathroom, and gotten new flooring in the main part of the house, redone the laundry room, cleaned out the cabinets... the list goes on.  Now, I find myself wondering, if without my salon life, if I have a purpose.  Sure, the kids need help with their homework for a couple of hours, but when those hours are over, they are off doing their own thing.  Who am I when I'm not a hairstylist and a mom?  This question really bothered me the first few days of self reflection.  Now I have realized, maybe I'm no one without these two things.  And I'm ok with that.  I will be a mom for the rest of my life, and the relationships I have made doing hair will follow me through out the rest of my life.  And that, my friends, is a blessing. 

The amount of love shown to myself and my family throughout this safer at home order has been overwhelming.  I've gotten texts, phone calls, facebook messages, and even good old fashioned letters, encouraging me, and letting me know that people believe in me, and my business, and they are going to support it when we are allowed to reopen.  I've heard more people insist that my job should be considered "essential", and let me assure you, to me, my clients are "essential".  I have missed those smiling faces more than I can describe.  To my clients reading this, I want you to know that each and every one of you is cherished, and are a blessing to my life!  Thank you so much for supporting my family, and supporting my dreams.

On Monday, fingers crossed, I should get to reopen the salon.  There will be new regulations in place.  All a part of our new normal.  I will have to wear a facemask, as well as my client.  So I'm hoping that we have all had a chance to recharge, and that I will be able to see the smile in everyone's eyes, since I might not be able to see your smiling lips!

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