Thursday, October 6, 2016

Johnny's Journey - the blog from the dog

I'm the king of the castle
Here is an update from Johnny himself (if he had opposable thumbs and could type, or talk):

I've been at my new home in Kansas for almost two months now.  It only took me a couple of days to adapt, then I realized I run this new house of mine, and the humans that live here.  My human mom loves me very much, and she spoils me very much.  I pretended to be very shy at first, this is how I roped her in, and once I realized I owned her, I let my personality shine, the good and the bad.  I have become much more vocal, and like to show off my barking ability.  I'm very good at it.  It's one of my many talents.  The ability to bite with no warning is also something I am very good at, although I do this less now that they know I am in charge.  I am very sweet after a good bite though.  Like a sour patch kid.  I am also very good at chewing things up, like entire rolls of toilet paper.  I like to unravel it.  It provides me much entertainment.

It took me some time to warm up to my human sister that has Ichthyosis like I do, but now that I have, I think she is my 2nd favorite human, next to my new mom.  She really loves me, and she talks to me in a funny voice.  I like that.  So I bark, and wag my tail to show her I like it.  Then I lick her.  A lot.

I'm very picky about what I like and what I don't like.  My family is starting to figure all of these things out.  I like to let them in on a few things daily.

Here is a list of some of my likes and dislikes:

*My humans- especially my mom
*My human sister's lotions- I like to lick her lotions after she gets out of the bath.  Her skin is like mine :)
*My other animal roommates- especially my other dog, I like to bark at her to get her to play with me
*My grandma- I don't even bark at her, and I really like to bark
*Tug of War
*Long walks on my leash- I'm thinking of putting this on my dating profile
*My t-shirts- I am very cute in these! I was already very cute, but now I have accessories.

*Shoes- I'm fine with sandals, I just really don't like tennis shoes, and I will try to bite them if you walk by me with them on your feet. I bark until they go away.
*The hairdryer- I bark the whole time my mom is using this.  I haven't decided if it's because I don't like the noise, or I just don't like her doing anything other than playing with me.  So I just bark until it stops.
*My human brother- he needs to realize that I am in charge... he will get there. So I bark at him
*My baths and lotions- do we really have to do these every day?  I have stopped biting mom during them though.  I decided after eight times of getting her good, if she hadn't stopped yet, she wasn't going to.
Here is a picture of my dog sister and I,
she's ok, I guess.
*Kansas thunderstorms- they are very loud, and keep me up at night.  They rattle the windows, this makes me bark.
*Tornado sirens- my mom gets nervous when these go off, so I bark.
*When people walk down the sidewalk in front of my house- this is my house, so I bark.
*My mom's debit card- I didn't like it, so I pulled it out of her purse, and chewed it up.  When I was done, I barked, to show her what I did.  She yelled, I barked again.

I will continue to add more to my lists as I expirience new things.  They have warned me about cold, wet stuff they call snow, that we did not have in California.  They say that it will be coming soon.  Also, the falling leaves, mom says I will have fun with this.  But right now I must go. I see that my mom's lap is empty, and I must get there before the other dog or small humans, or they will claim my spot on my throne.

Goodbye for now,
John Feathertail.

(a footnote from Cora)

After having Johnny in our family for two months now, he has fit right in, and become a huge part of our lives.  I can not imagine life without him.  I want to personally thank Rick, at Nobody's Perfekt Dogs for trusting our family with one of his dogs.  He's not "just a dog" to us.  Rick takes in a lot of special needs dogs, like Johnny.  If you feel compelled to make a donation to help another dog like Johnny, please click above, where you can donate on their website. 

We will continue to update you on Johnny and Ashlynne's journey through life with ichthyosis.  Thanks for reading!

Also, imagine the entire above dialog from Johnny in a slightly spanish accent, it's the chihuahua in him :)

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