Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The closest thing to a political/religious rampage you will ever see out of me!!

I generally don't make a habit of getting overly political, or religious in a public forum. But I saw something today that really got to me, and sent me smooth over the edge. It was a quote that was aimed at both religion, and politics.  So here is my disclaimer: If you don't want to hear my political views or religious views, DO NOT PROCEED!!!

I was on Facebook today, and with the new addition of the "share" button, I was weeding through the endless pictures, videos, and relationship quotes that everyone seems to be flooding my news feed with, when I came across this little gem. It was a quote someone had "shared" that stated this: 
"If you don't want your tax dollars helping the sick and poor, then it's time to stop saying you want a government based on Christian values."

I do not even know where to begin on all of the things that are so wrong about this statement. Let me start with the one I feel the strongest about.
1.) I can honestly say that I, along with a great majority of Americans, have no problem helping the LEGITIMATELY sick. In fact, that is what Christ urges Christians to do. The problem being that too many people have abused the system, making it harder for those that are truly sick to receive the help they need. 
2.) As far as helping the poor, there are so many programs out there to HELP the poor, that this argument is not even valid.  The problemis this: what do you define as HELP?  I view help as aide. I do not view help as giving someone handouts over and over again until they are living more comfortably than me. I believe that as a society we should be helping people in a "help you get on your feet" type of way, rather than a "let me carry you on my back" type of way. 
3.) And last but certainly not least, the Christianity argument. Being a Christian means showing love, not judging someone for sinning differently than you, because we are all sinners. It means helping people grow, thrive, and doing your best to help make a positive difference in people's lives, and living like Christ urges us to live. We, as Christians, are to use the gifts that God has blessed us with to better this world. It never states in the Bible that we are to sacrifice everything we have so that others don't have to make sacrifices. In fact, the Bible teaches to waste not. Live within your means. 

I have had a job since I was 14 years old. At 14, I got my first job when I started working at the little dry cleaners here in town. I have always had a job and have been paying taxes ever since. I am well aware that all of those tax dollars have been spent on salaries, roads, law enforcement, and yes, government assistance, among many other things. But I can honestly say, that as an adult, I would work extra hard to make sure that that 14 yr old girl down the street isn't working to help pay my bills. Where is the pride in that? Where is the honor? I want to know that I have worked hard for the things that I have.  Have I had help in my life? Sure. I was a single mother, working full time, and my parents helped me quite a bit. I will forever be grateful to them for that. And yes, I understand that not everyone has that option, but that is where the HELP comes into play. Let's take a good long look at what we all define as "help". Because at what point in time are we no longer helping the person, and do we start enabling them to stay stagnant and stunt their growth?  Yes, let's help those struggling people, who might need temporary aide for whatever reason. But let's HELP them. Let's help them get on their feet, and learn to be productive, independent members of society.

To elaborate, the person that posted this quote has a college degree, and continues to work fast food because she does not want to lose her assistance. To this I simply say: what a shame. What a shame that we, as a society, have accepted this, and allowed this behavior by a large percentage of our society.  What a shame that too many people in this nation do not understand how good it feels to say "I did it". What a shame that it is now considered un-Christian for those of us that are willing to say that this is not ok. 


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