Thursday, May 1, 2014

Chivalry is not dead

As a mom, I have had a lot of little moments that have made my heart overflow with joy, but recently, I had a very distinct moment of my heart overflowing with pride.  I have to take some time to brag on my Gavin.

Last week, Ashlynne had her spring music program.  It was about the United States, and they sang various patriotic songs.  At the end, they sang the Armed Forces Medley, and asked all service members and veterans to stand and be honored when the song from their military branch was played. When the first song began, and elderly man, probably in his 80s rose, along with many others in the audience.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see Gavin start to stand up.  For any of you who are very familiar with my family, you may know that Gavin tends to be the light hearted, goofy one.  So in a brief moment of horror, thinking that he was standing to be honored, I started to hiss at him to sit down... But then I noticed his outstretched hand, and it hit me what he was doing.  He reached out and shook that old man's hand, and told him "thank you".

I was literally speechless.  I never would have dreamed that my 8 year old understood the huge sacrifice that the men and women of our Armed Forces make.  But some how, he gets it.  I was choking back tears.

The next morning, as I was dropping him off at school, I waited by the curb until he got into the building, like I do every day, and I saw him start to come back outside.  He just stood there, with the door open, holding the door for 2 little girls walking in.  At that moment it hit me,  he's not a little boy anymore, he's an amazing young man.  Some day, he is going to make an amazing husband.  But in the mean time, he is an amazing brother, a great friend, and a perfect gentleman.  Chilvary is not dead, ladies.  And my Gavin Lane is living proof of that.
I don't know what I did to deserve to be this little guy's mommy, but I'm one lucky lady!


  1. Awe! This made me tear up! He is an amazing young man! You don't see that very often, great job on raising him mom!


  2. Awww my G-man!!!! He has AWESOME parents and are all raising him to be a respectable young man.....seldom seen these days.....AWESOME!!!! Love you guys...HI Ash!!!!


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