Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring 2014... Bring it on!!!

I don't mind winter. In fact, I love fall, it is my favorite time of year.  But I can honestly say, I have never been so ready for spring before in my life!  I'm ready for the renewal, and the new life spring seems to represent.  We had a tough fall, with the unexpected loss of my cousin, Rochelle.  And winter just seemed to drag out, with the multiple LARGE snowfalls, my mom breaking her foot,   And the utter lack of energy I had. February and March are a very high stress time for me at work, and of course that was proceeded by the busy hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  Not that there weren't good times in there, because there certainly were.  One of them being our "big kid" trip to Vegas in February.
Russ and I at New York New York after the dreaded roller coaster ride!

So bring on the warmer weather, bring on April, and bring on baseball season (go Braves!!!)

This spring we have our 2nd annual Ichthyosis Day at the K planned, with a very good response already!! Yay!! Thank you "Team Ashlynne"!  We are very much looking forward to that and are hoping to make it bigger and better than last year.  We also have a trip to the Wizard of Oz museum planned.  We have a certain little toddler that currently has her Papa watching that movie at least a couple of times per weekend.

Breckyn's 3rd birthday happens to fall on Easter this year, so that will be a very busy weekend for us. Aunt Carol is flying in for her birthday weekend, and our friend Shane is coming down from KC, so she will be very excited about that!

Logan will be graduating from preschool this year.  We will officially have another one in school!  And Ashlynne will be making the big transition into middle school.  Time really does fly. And Gavin is gearing up for baseball season, and has promised that he is going to help Logan learn how to play, as this will be Logan's first summer that we have him in t-ball.

Russ is working for the Salina Bombers again this year.  This is our local arena football team. Last year they finished as CPIFL Runners Up.  Pretty good for the organizations first year.  But as a perk for Russ working for them, I get into the games!  They are incredibly fun, and incredibly brutal.  And I love every second of it!  I'm going to take Misty and Seth to their first game in a couple of weeks.

But this weekend, was all about Elmo.  We took Breckyn to Sesame Street Live in Wichita on Sunday.  Of course, when Russ's mom and I are involved there has to be a certain degree of shopping involved.  So we left plenty early and stopped at the mall first.  Russ was quite he trooper for that part.  Breckyn had a blast, and thanked her grandma at the end of the night for her "best day ever".

Miss B at Sesame Street Live 

Grandma Susie and Breckyn

Russ, Breckyn, and I 

I think he was excited too!

But her reaction was priceless!!!

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